Just someone who loves technology, music, beach and people. Based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Currently working as CTO for Rupeal, a Portuguese IT company focused on delivering excellence. We do SaaS products and IT staffing, by the way.

Passionate about awesome company cultures.

On the technology side of things, I’ve been focused on Microsoft products like Windows Azure and ASP.NET for the past 10 years but I’ve come to love great open source tech like Ruby on Rails. Went from Windows to Mac and love it.

I like to be involved with the developer community and I’m an active member and speaker in some communities in Portugal.
Having been a member of a University research center, I tend to devote some time to R&D, which later applies to real-world projects.
Still, helping a great team grow and learning from all of them is one of the most fascinating aspects of my job.

To clear the mind from the geek stuff (it’s mandatory!), I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14 on major portuguese bands. Keeps me balanced and in focus for my work. Also like walks on the beach, movies, photography and being surrounded by great family and friends.


Certified Scrum Master (ScrumAlliance)
Microsoft Certified Professional


XAMLPT (co-founder)
UmbracoPT (co-founder)


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