Agile Connect Lisbon meetup – retrospective

Last week we hosted the 1st Agile Connect meetup in Lisbon, to an audience of about 20 developers, sysadmins and managers. I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome of this event, as the engagement of the audience was way above what I was expecting.

After a short intro by Nuno Gomes on the Portuguese Scrum Community past and future, the always nice Marco Silva presented ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and it’s value in organizations (not necessarily Microsoft focused). In the end, we held an OST where everyone participated and Joaquim, an audience member, even took the task of leading the OST and explaining the concept to everyone.

It’s incredibly rewarding to witness such an active vibe from people interested in Agile here in Portugal. Known for being quite a bureaucratic country and miles behind in productivity, this meetup has proven that there’s people in organizations of all shapes and sizes, and in all kinds of roles, that are willing to push their workspaces into delivering value faster and working better.

As I started my hosting duties, and after a short dance to get the state up (it can get worse), I shared how I see the impact of Agile and Lean in general. It’s not (just) about delivering projects faster and being a happier team. It’s about delivering more value and faster to end-users. That’s the real impact. Take the recent example of It directly impacts the health of US citizens. The faster and better it’s done, more users will be healthier and more lives will be saved.

We’ll be doing one meetup every first Thrusday of each month, so stay tuned at Feel free to suggest topics and propose your own topic.

Side note: there is also an Agile Connect Porto

Here’s a (crappy) video of the meetup.


Tech Meetups in Lisbon for next couple of weeks

There’s so much happening on the tech scene in Lisbon right now. One of the things I’m more proud of while working on the community side of Rupeal is knowing we’ve helped developers get great content.

I was squeezing some of the next meetups in my calendar and realized this could be interesting to you as well.

Hopefully this list will be more and more interesting each month.

Feb 18 Lisbon Conversion Stack
Feb 19 XPlat (Cross Platform Microsoft) w/ Josh Holmes
Feb 19 require(‘lx’) – JS, Node
Feb 19 phplx February Meetup
Feb 19 Xamarin Experience
Feb 20 IoT at Microsoft
Feb 21 Women in Tech weekly meetup
Feb 24 Scala – “The Play Framework at Codacy” & “Challenges of moving a Java team to Scala”
Feb 26 Productized Talks

You can also checkout Kwan, we’ll try to keep it up to date with new meetups as we know about them.