Life for the past year

Talking about code while having delicious Belgium beers. This is Rupeal. Picture (C) 2013 Rupeal

It’s been way too long since I’ve written something here. Life’s been full of changes and new challenges for the last couple of years and writing has gone way down on my list of priorities. Enjoying a holiday, I decided today is a good day for a status.

Change #1 – Welcome Lucas, the new family member

Lucas Santa-Clara Fiel was born. Being a dad is the ultimate experience and my kid has thought me so much about me and life in general. The scary thing is, this is only the beginning. What awaits for the upcoming years is a secret only time will tell, but let me tell you, I’m loving every nanosecond of it.

Change #2 – Goodbye Fullsix, Hello Rupeal / SWAT

After 5 and a half years at Fullsix Group Portugal, I’ve joined RUPEAL as Chief Technology Officer. I’ve been a close follower of the company since it began and many of the people there were my colleagues in college. The time at Fullsix was amazing and I can’t thank enough for the people I’ve worked with along the years.

Rupeal’s culture is very different from the typical IT companies in Portugal, and this is even more noticeable in the SWAT team. Everyone knows all salaries and everyone has a say on promotions, hirings and overall team strategic direction. Adding to the CTO role, I’m also managing this team and everyday I’m learning something new. SWAT are a Rupeal team focused on creating awesome web products, from UX to Engineering, mostly focused on Ruby on Rails. More on this later (I was a Microsoft guy, remember?). We only use Scrum and our main source of clients and projects is word of mouth, which is a very good sign for me that this team, basically, rocks!

Change #3 – Welcome Rails and Apple

Most of my career has been around Microsoft technologies – ASP.NET, SQL Server, Azure and Silverlight. I’ve been a regular speaker at Microsoft events and, most of the times, a big fan of their products. My new team is focused in Ruby on Rails and everyone uses a Mac (including me, and I’m in love with the 13″ Air). By joining SWAT I had two choices – learn these platforms or try to push MS ones. The choice was obvious and learning Rails and working on a Mac have greatly opened my horizons on some things. I’ve not stopped using Microsoft. I’ve just added some new ones. We do some work on the Microsoft stack (ASP.NET, Web API, SQL Server, Azure) and our latest experiences were great. Microsoft is in the right direction for web development and, IMHO, is now better than Amazon for PaaS in the Cloud. But my time on Rails was very important to really understand where the new concepts in MS stack come from: migrations, continuous deployments, etc…. This is not just coding, this is a whole new mindset. Most of my time, however, is spent on Salesforce, Excel and management stuff.

See you really soon. In the meantime, check Rupeal’s new website and the really cool video below.